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Extra-curricular activities


            “Yoga is the practice of tolerating the consequences of being you”.
            Yoga is motivated to the students and teachers to add their energy, to strengthen and add beauty to body, mind and soul. Yoga period is allotted to activate the minds and improve the concentration of the children.

Scout and Guide

                       “A Scout smiles and whistles under all circumstances”.

 Our school students are taught confidence, self – esteem, leadership skills, team building and outdoor adventure.

 To the pride of our institution, many of our pupils have received “Rajya Puraskar Award”.


            “Sports is the greatest physical poetry”.

     Our school sports like volley ball, foot ball, badminton, kho –kho helps our children in strengthening the immune system, maintaining physical co –ordination, enhancing body strength and active with improved concentration. Our pupils are taken to district and state level competition.


      Silambam –An integral part of Tamil culture.

 Silambam improves the flexibility of body and the reflex of the individual. Silambam helps our children with muscle co –ordination and increases mental strength and agility. Silambam classes are conducted after the school hours.


          "Painting is a source of endless pleasure"

     Painting classes helps our children to use their senses to express emotion, explore process and outcomes, explore color and create aesthetically pleasing works and experiences. Drawing classes are conducted every week to bring out the creativity of the children.

Art and craft

         "Art is as natural as sunshine and as vital as nourishment".

Children of our esteemed institution are made good designers by working creatively and intelligently. The students develop an appreciation and engagement in art, craft and design.


                  "Karate is a defensive art from beginning to end".

    Karate benefits our kids at every aspect of their lives –physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.  Our children develop balance, co –ordination, focus, respect, discipline and self –defense.  Karate classes are conducted with special karate masters thrice in a week.


                 "Skating is not only what we do but it is who we are"

Skating helps our children develop a fitness habit.  Roller skating to helps to build strength, especially in the muscles of the lower body of our children. Speciality of our school is sprawling cemented area is provided to experience the joy of skating. 

                   Skating classes are conducted thrice a week.